kimadeiras became self-sufficient in the production of raw material.

With our reforestation projects, we have increased the sustainability of our company and, also, the environmental responsibility, following laws, norms and standards.


Kimadeiras has its own reforestation system and believes that this practice is a way of assuring self-sustainability, what, for our customers, results in the warranty of the origin of the raw material and the quality in the receipt of these materials.

Our vision, as an ecologically responsible company, is to preserve and mantain the environment. To plant, harvest and obtain our main raw material, the wood, it is necessary to use advanced planting techniques, to plan judiciously the harvest, to know how to handle the soil and restore its health, in an environmentally correct, socially fair and economically viable manner. For that, it is of the utmost importance to have knowledge of the environmental rules, respect them and put them into action.

Wood Waste

Kimadeiras gives the correct destination to its wood wastes, from the ones originated in the processing of wood to those produced by our contributors. To this end, we have a selective collection program, in which the wastes are collected by companies interested in them.